With doxo, bill payers get a feeling of complete control, sometimes for the first time ever. One primary purpose of doxo is to make its users’ lives completely paperless. They want to create a single location where everyone can manage all their bills and pay them on time, with no complaints or hassles. Because of that focus, and because of their precipitous build-up of a network of tens of thousands of billers and creditors, doxo users can pay everything from a single online account and don’t have to worry about having to deal with multiple online accounts, or companies that won’t take a credit card or poorly designed websites that turn paying a bill into a major undertaking.

Which points to another advantage to doxo. It is very secure from tip to tail. In addition to username and password, the doxo system also sets up additional verification, including steps designed to preven hackers from even trying to get in. They also use bank-level security at every point on their webste and their system, t make sure your data and your documents are always secure. While some may lodge a complaint about the difficulty of signing in, doxo users certainly appreciate knowing their data is secure as possible.

Obviously, there have been few real complaints about doxo and its service. They have millions of users now, and tens of thousands of companies have signed on to their network to make it , in virtually every area, including utilities, telecom companies, healthcare, banking and insurance, among many others. They also get to pay their bulls via computer or laptop from home, or they can pay using their phone or tablet when they’re on the road.